Labrador Retriever Stud Dog – Connecticut / CT



Tory is a stunningly good looking 85 pound, muscular black Labrador Retriever stud dog who has graced the pages of Gundog Magazine, Waterfowl Magazine, and

Tory is an exceptionally bred Labrador Retriever stud dog with lineage that has proven itself time and time again in America Field Trials. Tory’s pedigree speaks for itself; in two generations there are 9 National Championship Titles. In fact, looking only as far back as his grandparents you will see some of the world’s most consistent talent in American Field Trials.

Tory’s father, NAFC/CNAFC/FC Ebonstar Lean Mac, has won the National Championship an unprecedented 4 times. Both of Tory’s Grandfathers, CNFC/CNAFC Waldorf’s High Tech and NFC/NAFC Candlewood’s Super Tanker, have won the National Championship twice. Tory’s grandmother, FC/AFC/CNFC/CAFC Chena River No Surprise also won the Nationals and is the producer of a litter that combined to accumulate 214 Derby Points in 1992 – unheard of!

Currently, Tory has his AKC Senior Hunter title and is preparing for his Master Hunter title. He spends countless hours in the duck blind chasing puddle, diver and sea ducks. Tory is a rare retriever who has the drive and style required for competition and the composure to be an excellent house dog — where he is found curled up on the couch with his owners watching football on Sunday afternoons.

Health Clearances
OFA – Excellent
CERF – Clear

For more information please contact  We are located in Connecticut (CT).

		   +- CFC Rascal's Super Spud
	   +- CNFC/CNAFC Waldorf's High Tech (Yellow) (1)
	   |	   |
	   |	   +- Itch's Flying Tiger
     +-	2xNAFC/2xCNAFC/FC/AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac, WCI (2)
     |	   |
     |	   |	   +- Trieven El Conquistador
     |	   |	   |
     |	   +- Ebonaceae Princess, WCX
     |		   |
     |		   +- Skookum's Sky Raider
Tory - SH (Black)
     |	   	   +- NFC/AFC San Joaquin Honcho (3)
     |		   |
     |	   +- NFC/NAFC Candlewood's Super Tanker (4)
     |	   | 	   |
     | 	   |	   +- Candlewood's Delta Dash
     |	   |
     +-	Classic Tanker Belle (5)
	   |	   +- AFC Super Khomeini
	   | 	   |
	   +- FC/AFC/CNFC/CAFC Chena River No Surprise (6)
		   +- AFC Powder Keg Meg

1 - 200+ Cdn. Open Pts., 240+ All Age Pts., Qual. 14 Nationals (6 time finialist)
2 - 2 x Double Header Winner, Sire of 1997 Top Derby Dog Chena River Ripple (115 pts.),
3 - One of the all time top producing Labs in History
4 - Sire of NFC/AFC Candlewood's Tanks A Lot
5 - 5 Derby Points, Sister to 1994 Top National Derby Dog, Chena River Tug. From the 214 Derby Point Litter
6 - Possibly the best producing bitch of a single Derby Litter, her '92 litter combined for 214 Derby Points