Broadbill For Sale

Price – $2500 (Firm) – Motor not included.

This boat is ready to go. If you have never hunted out of a Broadbill — you really don’t know what your missing. I own a 17 foot TDB and if I was only hunting with 2 guys in a saltmarsh I would pick this boat over the TDB all day long. Boat is extremely stable, and can be hunting with 2 guys and a dog easily. Ideal for tidal marshes and river hunts. The boat drafts 3 inches of water and can be easily pushed into swallow water areas. The bow area offers an ideal location for a dog to watch those birds cupping into the spread and provides an excellent view of long marks. This boat can also double off-season as a fishing boat. If you would like to see the boat and/or take it for a spin give me a call or drop me an email – or 203-518-0549.

This boat is wooden / fiberglass overlay. Boat was restored top to bottom 2.5 years ago. Brand New Mossy Oak Shadow Grass blind designed like the TDB blind. New boat lights – bow and stern. Boat was located at our vacation home and used only a couple time each year. Trailer has a new axle, hubs, wheels, and tilt latch. Bunks could use new cover material. All in all this boat is a great value. Over $2500 into the boat, blind and trailer restoration.